Choosing a good hair gel for black guys with afro textured hair

Hair gel for afro textured hair (also known as kinky hair, black men’s hair or even nappy hair) should be limited to light hold hair gel and firm hold hair gel. Afro textured hair forms minuscule coils that offer this hair type an excellent ability to display volume but which, in turn, don’t allow for any combing of the hair. Thus, afro textured hair is best styled with a lightly-manipulated natural hairstyle, and both light hold hair gel and medium hold hair gel do an excellent job in enhancing natural men’s hairstyles and aiding in defining the tiny coils of afro textured hair.

A cool haircut for black men styled with hair gel

Use light hold gel and firm hold gel for afro textured hair

Strong hold hair gel should be avoided with afro textured hair because it takes a small amount of hair gel to get the cardboard hair effect and because afro textured hair is very prone to knotting and matting. Strong hold hair gel brings a very-high risk of experiencing the cardboard effect or having the coils ruined by matting. Of course, you are free to use strong hold hair gel if you truly want to and don’t mind risking your hair, but, if you do so, you should start with a very-small amount (i.e. half-a-fingertip amount) and work your way up from there.

With afro textured hair, you should be using an amount of light hold hair gel or firm hold hair gel that equates half of the area of your fingers (of one hand) placed together; don’t use any more as doing so will skyrocket the cardboard effect and risk of the hair matting. As with the rest of hair types, the thickness of the hair-gel amount equating half the area of your fingers should be a maximum of one fifth of an inch.

A black guy with his hairstyle styled with a good hair gel

If you want a very loose natural hairstyle that is just a convenient Shake and Go or a hairstyle similar to the picture above, use a light hold hair gel like this one here.

If you want to increase the definition of the coils in your afro textured hair but maintain the natural hairstyle look or if you want to maintain your hair vertical and styled up like in the first picture of this article, then use a firm hold hair gel like this one here.

With afro textured hair, you should try to style with your hair for most of your time and, anytime you want to use a comb, you should choose either a wide tooth comb or a hair pick. A great hair pick for black men to buy is this one here.

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