Learn how to use hairstyling gels for guys

Because hair gel is so popular, many men use hair gel but make plenty of mistakes when using hair gel. The use of hair gel on your hair requires some trial and error, especially when it comes to amounts that satisfy your hairstyle requirements.

To use hair gel, squeeze or scoop the hair gel and place it on the center of your fingers of one hand, then spread the hair gel with the fingers of the other hand by rubbing both hands together so that you end up with a thick film of hair gel coating the fingers. You may also coat the rest of your hand in hair gel, especially if you are going for less shapely hairstyles that have a looser component.

Apply the hair gel to your hair

Once the hair gel is set on your hands, run your hands through your hair with your fingers open as if making a rake; the motion should be starting from the scalp towards the tips of the hair. However, be careful to not get the hair gel on your scalp; a good trick recommended by men’s hair expert Rogelio Samson (author of the bestseller The Men’s Hair Book) is to aim to coat only three quarters of the length of your hair, leaving the first one quarter of the hair’s length starting from the scalped without being coated in hair gel; you will still get hair gel on this first one quarter but you will certainly avoid getting the hair gel on the scalp by using this smart trick.

A man with a slicked back hairstyle using hair gel.

Once you have coated your hair in gel, then either continue using the fingers to style the hair (i.e. finger style) or use a comb to style the hair, or even use both your fingers and comb to style the hair, depending on what you want. Remember to use a wide tooth comb instead of a regular comb to style your hair if you have wavy, curly or afro textured hair.

Enhance the hair gel and hairstyle with a hair dryer

For enhanced drying of your hair, you can use a hair dryer too; hair dryers work best for hairstyles where you want some good volume on your hair, and a great combination for hairstyle purposes is to use style the hair with light hold hair gel then finish off with lifting the hair up with your fingers while pointing the hair dryer to the hair.

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