Light, Firm and Strong Hair Gels

There are three hold categories to hair gel: light hold, firm hold and strong hold. Each hold has a specific purpose and all three hair gel products have the same gel-like viscosity; it is the final result that differs. You can, in fact, think of the hold of a hair gel as it’s graded strength, with light hold hair gel being the weakest and strong hold hair gel being the, well, strongest. Before you venture into knowing the details of hair gel, you need to know how to use hair gel as this is the main issue men face when using hair gel.

A muscular man posing in front of a picture with hair gel on his hair

Wat-up, hair gel

Light hold hair gel provides the least hold of the three hair gel types, which is great for having your hair look natural. Light hold hair gel is also the go-to hair gel for loose hairstyles such as a Messy hairstyle or a natural hairstyle; with light hold hair gel you will still get some holding of your hairstyles, so light hold hair gel can be used for side swept hairstyles or slicked back hairstyles that you want to have some volume with. Light hold hair gel goes great with a hair dryer too and you can blow dry your hair with a hair dryer after having styled your hair with light hold hair gel.

Firm hold hair gel is a compromise between the natural look of the light hold hair gel and the tight grip of strong hold hair gel. Firm hold hair gel provides an increased fixing of the hair in place from light hold hair gel, which is of great use for defining your hair and shaping it, yet firm hold hair gel also allows for a natural hairstyle and look. Firm hold hair gel is excellent for Messy hairstyles and/or out-of-bed hair looks that have the hair feeling firm to the touch (light hold hair gel doesn’t feel as firm to the touch).

Strong hold hair gel provides the tightest grip on your hair and is excellent for shaping the hair. Elaborate hairstyles do best with strong hold hair gel and your hair will feel the firmed of all holds to the touch. With strong hold hair gel, you are guaranteed to keep the same hairstyle throughout the day, from the moment you styled the hair in the morning right till the time you hit the bed (even when staying till late going out to clubs etc!). The only problem with hair gel (especially of the strong hold category) is that your hair run the risks of becoming of a cardboard texture.

Overall, whatever your hairstyle idea, hair gel can fulfill your requirements perfectly and hair gel, whichever the hold category, is worth having in your box of hairstyling products!

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