Recommended hair gels for wavy hair men

Wavy hair is actually hair that has started to curl slightly so wavy hair has a minor coiling effect. The best hair gel for wavy hair is one that allows to retain either the hair’s natural wavy formation or retain its wet state (where the wavy hair is elongated), all of this depending on what hairstyle idea you have in your mind.

George Clooney with his wavy hair styled with hair gel

George Clooney has wavy hair and he has said that the only hairstyling product he uses regularly is hair gel

Wavy hair, hairstyles and hair gel

With wavy hair you can use any of the three hold categories of hair gel (light hold, firm hold and strong hold), and you can use a sizable amount of hair gel to style your hair; up to an amount equating three quarters of your hand with one fifth of an inch in thickness. Your specific amount will vary, however, with light hold hair gel usually requiring the lowest amount whereas stronghold hair gel requiring the highest amount of product.

George Clooney with a Caesar cut harcut styled with hair gel

George Clooney would use light hold hair gel for his Caesar Cut hairstyle during ER

What hair gel to choose for your wavy hair according to your hairstyle ideas

If you want a loose hairstyle for wavy hair where the hair is styled with a messy style or casual look, then go with this light hold hair gel.

If you want a hairstyle that looks loose and casual but is actually firm to the touch (i.e. an out-of-bed look), then go with this firm hold hair gel.

If you want to fix your hair in place and elongate the wavy shape of your hair, then go with this strong hold hair gel.

And don’t forget to use a wide tooth comb instead of a pocket comb to style your wavy hair! (get this wide tooth comb)