The top styling gels for men with straight hair

Straight hair can pretty much be styled with any hair gel and any hair strength. Straight hair is the most malleable of all hair types (straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and afro textured hair), which means that straight hair can be styled with a strong hold hair gel to completely lock a hairstyle or it can be styled with a light hold hair gel to give a loose effect.

Straight hair, hairstyles and hair gel

If you have straight hair, you should be having an idea of what hairstyle you want to be sporting because, by doing so, you will be able to pinpoint your need for a specific hair gel. In fact, if you are a man who likes to change his hairstyles often, you can certainly own several hair gels; the most-recommended scenario is to own one hair gel per hold category, so one light hold hair gel, one firm hold hair gel and one strong hair gel.

Straight hair doesn’t have a problem with the cardboard effect; you can throw a lot of strong hair gel on straight hair and the hair will look shapely and still not overdone. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should use one whole container in hair gel, but it does mean that, if you have straight hair, you can certainly be generous with the amount of hair gel you use at any one time. Up to one whole hand (inside of the hand) coated in a film of hair gel with a thickness of one fifth of an inch is good to go for any of your hairstyling purposes.

A man with straight hair using the best hair gel for a spiky hairstyle

What hair gel to choose according to your hairstyle ideas

To comb your hair, you can use either a conventional comb or a pocket comb (click here for a conventional comb and click here for a pocket comb).

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