The top hair gels for curly hair men

Curly hair forms as coils, which affects how your hairstyles look. Just like it affects your hairstyles, curly hair will also affect the best hair gel possible for you. With curly hair and hair gel, you can enhance the definition of your curls or fix them in place, and thus your need to know which hair gel hold to choose for your best hairstyling experience.

A man with his curly hair styled in a high and tight and with hair gel

Curly hair, hairstyles and hair gel

With curly hair, the hair gel hold categories of light hold and firm hold are most recommended as these holds will define your coils and make your curly hair stand out; likewise, since curly hair doesn’t usually favor hairstyles that are held tight, the choice of either a light hold hair gel or a firm hold hair gel is the best for getting curly hair that has a natural look.

With curly hair, you may use strong hold hair gel but take into account that it is relatively easy to suffer from the cardboard hair effect and also have your coils matted and losing definition. If you want to use strong hold hair gel, use only two fingertip amounts and always clean your hair with shampoo the same day that you use the strong hold hair gel.

In terms of how much hair gel to use for curly hair, you can use as much as the equivalent amount that makes all of the fingers of your hand when laid flat; the thickness of the amount of hair gel can also be up to one fifth of an inch. Any more hair gel than the amount that constitutes the area of your fingers with a thickness of one fifth of an inch can rapidly lead to the cardboard effect.

David Bisbal with his long curly hair styled with hair gel

What hair gel to choose for your curly hair according to your hairstyle ideas

If you want a casual hairstyle with defined coils with medium length hair, then use light hold hair gel.

If you want a hairstyle that looks neater but maintains a natural defined look, then go with this firm hold hair gel.

If you want to fix your curly hair in place for a particular hairstyle and already know what amount to use to avoid the cardboard effect, then go with this strong hold hair gel.

And, as I have written in this site already, don’t forget to use a wide tooth comb for your curly hair when you want to comb your hair! (go with this wide tooth comb)

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